Hints and Tips to keep your Ford Motor in top condition

To keep your car safe and performing at its best, it’s vital that you have it serviced regularly at a Ford Dealer / Authorised Repairer. However, in between services, there are a few things you can do yourself to help maintain your vehicle. Here are some simple checks to make on a regular basis.

Maintain your vehicle

Be aware of the correct tyre pressure and check your tyres at least every two weeks using a good-quality gauge or garage air line. Look for cuts on side walls. If a tyre needs regular top-ups, it may have a slow puncture. Don’t forget to check your spare tyre as well. Make use of the tyre repair kit offered by your Ford Dealer/Authorised Repairer.

Engine Oil
Check the dipstick at least every two weeks and before long journeys. Have the oil and filter changed at the recommended service intervals. High oil consumption can indicate engine problems.

Check the coolant level regularly and top up as necessary – but only when the engine is cold. Have the antifreeze concentration checked before winter. Antifreeze not only prevents the coolant from freezing, it also prevents corrosion within the cooling system and so is important all year round.

Wiper blades wear down over time and smear the windscreen. Replace them at least once a year for maximum performance.

Screen Wash
Check and top up regularly – under legal regulations, your system must work. Use a good screen wash additive throughout summer and winter as water alone won’t remove oily road grime and freezes more readily in winter.

Inspect your screen regularly for stone damage and always replace a cracked or chipped screen as soon as possible. Damage may impair vision or distract your attention. Minor chips can spread and crack the glass. A lot of cracks can be repaired by your Ford Dealer/ Authorised Repairer.

Check all your lights once a week. Don’t forget indicators, brake and fog lights. Clean lights regularly. In bad weather, wipe them with a damp cloth when the vehicle is stationary.

Power Steering
Check the fluid reservoir once a month. Top up using the appropriate hydraulic fluid only, as advised in your owner’s manual – available at your Ford Dealer/ Authorised Repairer.