Vehicle Maintenance at Home

Top up fuel before leaving your vehicle for a long time

Run the car outside for 10-15 minute a week to keep the battery charged*

Check all tyre pressures before driving your vehicle again

Check your lights regularly

Release the handbrake and drive you vehicle forwards and backwards a few metres, once a week, to prevent it from seizing

To stop small wildlife getting in, cover the exhaust**

Clean your wiper blades with glass cleaner and check for tears

Top up all vehicle fluids

*Please Note: Do not run your vehicle in an enclosed space as the emissions will need to ventilate away from the vehicle in a safe manner. Ensure when moving your vehicle that there are no persons or obstacles / items in your path, and it is safe to manoeuvre your vehicle. Ensure you stay in your vehicle while it is running for safety and security reasons. Should any issue occur during this procedure, switch off the vehicle immediately and refer to your vehicle’s handbook located in the glovebox or contact your dealer or Fleet representative for further advice. 

**We would suggest for you to place a note on your steering wheel as a reminder to uncover the exhaust again before driving.