Everyone knows the importance of your Tyres, and yet when it comes to replacing them, for many customers price, rather than quality, determine what ones they buy.

Compromise Quality for Price? – It could have fatal consequences. We never compromise on quality, the stakes are too high and just not worth it. We offer good quality tyres at a surprisingly good price.

As a Main Ford Dealer, we use the purchasing power of the Ford Motor Company to achieve significant savings, which we pass onto to our customers. You would be surprised just what savings you can make – just give us a call for a quote

Regardless of what suits your budget, we have the solution, be it Budget, Mid-Range or Brand tyres. We can supply all makes and sizes, and if we don’t have them in stock, we can normally have them within a few hours.

Always remember that to prolong the life of your tyres, it is important to check your tyre pressures on a regular basis. If you are unsure what the appropriate pressure is for your car, refer to your owner’s handbook, or easier still contact our Service Department.